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Sunday, May 4, 2014

6 Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Nails Are Breaking

I was recently asked by a friend for help with her nails... "My nails have been breaking a lot all of the sudden."  And if  you are having sudden problems with your nails breaking, peeling nails or split nails, here are the questions you need to ask yourself.  

Even if you are not honest with your nail technician, be honest with yourself.

1. How long are your nails when they break and how you are using them?  

        If they get too long they will break easier.  
        Don't wear the free edge (white part of the nail) longer than half the length of your nail bed. 

2.  Have you been using your nails as tools or jewels? 

        Here is where you ask yourself...
        "Does my nail look like a screwdriver?"
 "Can I use my nail like a screwdriver and not have it break?
        Also, if you love certain types of hobbies or work that is hard on your nails, use gloves.  They will protect your nails better than going without them.
        Lets be honest...  If you use your nail as a screwdriver, they will break.

3.  Have you been eating right within the last 6-8 MONTHS?  Is there Biotin in you vitamin supplements you are taking?  Are you drinking enough water?

        Healthy foods rich in natural vitamins and minerals along with supplements that have biotin will keep your nails (and hair) healthier than having a cheeseburger and fries.  
        Drinking your daily supply of water makes for healthier nails too.  It is a good rule to drink half your height in inches to that amount of ounces of water.  Example: If you are 5'4" tall, your total inches would be 64" tall.  Divide 64 in half which equals 32.  You should probably be drinking approximately 32 ounces of water every day.

4.  Are you keeping your nails hydrated with a good cuticle oil?  

        Lotion on your hands doesn't necessarily mean better hydration for the nails, they need oil to keep them flexible.  
        Lotion is made mostly with water and nails need water from the inside, not from the outside.  Which brings us to the next point.

Bella10's CutiOil was created with 
a specific blend of natural oils and vitamins to hydrate the cuticle and nail.
Regular daily use will minimize breaking, peeling and splitting nails.

5.  Have you been in a lot water or in a lot hot water lately?  Strong chemicals? Do you wear gloves when doing house chores?

        Water swells individual nail cells and softens the protein that holds those cells together, kind of like glue.  Being in water a lot will leach the natural oils which keeps your nails flexible and keeps the protein from drying out.  Hot water expands the nails further and when they are combined with detergents and cleaning chemicals, this will leach out the natural oils from our nails even more, leaving them dried out and brittle. Solution, use only warm water, not hot.  This will reduce the drying effect.  Also it is wise to wear gloves when using cleaning chemicals.
        Being in too much hot water = Your nails will be prone to splitting, peeling and breaking.

6.  Do you keep polish on them?

        Even clear polish adds a layer of strength and protection to the natural nail.  
        There are also gel polishes that can add strength without the constant application.  
        A warning on gel polishes though, they are very strong and if the gel polish is peeled off or removed incorrectly or if the nail is buffed too much on top of the nail, your nail will weaken dramatically!  It will be as if you have just removed artificial nails.

From "8 Tips on How to Grow Your Nails Faster and Stronger"

If you are recovering from Artificial Nails
and trying to get healthy natural nails back, check out
"The Secret to Artificial Nail Recovery"

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