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Monday, March 17, 2014

Jessica Cosmetics Sping 2014 - Coral Symphony

Bright cream colors abound this season! 

This season, Jessica Vartoughian, founder and CEO of Jessica Cosmetics International, brings you to the coral depths of a warm gulf reefs filled with a glowing creamy collage of various pinks, corals and glowing whites!

I've always been a big fan of Jessica Cosmetics nail treatments and color polishes.  They last much longer than most of the major professional brands I've used.  As always, Jessica Cosmetic color polishes are Three-Free, that means they are Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP (Dibutyl phthalate) free.  Jessica Cosmetics nail colors and treatments have always had longer wear and less chipping, and now they have a new "STRETCH FORMULA" that stretches while drying to reduce chipping even more!  It expands as it drys so it will move with the natural nail for increased wear-ability.  Their colors are intense, rich, and they flow without the streaks or lines that you find in other brands.

So what are this season's colors?  I'm going to show you from left to right of the above photo but on my model's nails.  You'll notice that glossy Cream colors are hot this season!
Ocean Bloom is a lavender infused pink that is reminiscent of a sea flower.  I will admit that all of these colors just make me want to try snorkeling as soon as I find myself near the ocean.
Can Starfish look as vibrant as Starfish Glow?  This reminds me of a newer, more modern version of an 80's neon pink. (Yes, I was doing nails in the 80's)  I believe I may have actually seen this lively color on the tips of a starfish I received as a kid.
Monsoon Melon does not remind me of a desert monsoon that I see so often in the South West.  This color shines forth like a creamsicle on steroids!  And I don't mean that in a bad way! This coral is the height of summer fashion.  Try it, I just know you'll love it as much as my model and I did.
Tropical Sunset has to be my client's favorite color so far this Spring.  Hot coral and yes, Tropical Sunset is about the best name that could be given to this rich exciting color!
Do you want a bright, bright, pure white to give your nail art some pizzazz?  Use it as a french tip, as a base below your glitters or add more punch to your nail art.  This color does not streak!  It goes on smooth and flawless!
I think I found Barbie's color for this spring season!  lol  Conch Shell is the perfect pink for those that cannot part with their seasonal pinks.  The coverage is smooth, creamy and like all the colors in this collection, it is reminiscent of all the high colors you'd expect to see in a coral reef.

To see more of what Jessica Cosmetics 
has to offer for natural nail care, check out their website! 

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