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At Bella10, we are all about the natural nails! We know it takes care and time to create a beautiful set of natural nails and smooth, healthy skin and cuticles enhance the overall appearance. Bella10 supports natural nail care through skilled nail technicians, personal nail care and great natural nail care products. We always recommend regular manicures, whither done by a licensed professional or at home, by yourself or with friends. Bella10 does recommend being a knowledgeable consumer when choosing a nail salon, nail technician, nail care product or tool. Bella10 is here to help.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arizona’s Bella10 Lotion Receives Notoriety for Most Organic Formula

Bella10 is quickly becoming one of the leading Arizona organic products on the market today after receiving a recent toxicity ranking of 1 from the Environmental Working Group for their signature product, Crème de la Bella.
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Sedona, Arizona (PRWEB) December 12, 2013
Founded by Alicia Lyons, Natural Nail Care Expert, Bella10 is quickly becoming one of the leading Arizona organic products on the market today after receiving a toxicity ranking of 1 from the Environmental Working Group. Lyons has been in the nail care industry for over 30 years and is the author of The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails. Bella10 products can be found in several Northern Arizona retail stores including: Crystal Magic in Sedona and Chocolate Blonde Salon in Cottonwood.
The Bella10 nail and skin care line was developed in 2012 with the goal of creating a vegan product that would promote healthy skin and nails. Always keeping in mind the fact that over 60% of products topically applied to the body are actually absorbed by the body, Alicia focused her efforts on creating a lotion that would be as natural as possible. “Bella10 skin care is like food for your skin, rich in Amino acids and vitamins A, C, D and E,” expresses Lyons. “No one wants to eat petro-chemicals or parabens.
The Bella10 signature product, Crème de la Bella, was designed to be a very lush yet all natural lotion that leaves skin hydrated and smooth with no greasy feeling. Crème de la Bella was recently reviewed by the Environmental Working Group and received 1 for product purity, 0 being water up to 10 being Formaldehyde (EWG rating for Creme de la Bella Hand & Body Lotion). Bella 10 uses a blend of organic butters and oils to help to maintain the precious elasticity of skin, as well as an array of natural vegan botanicals that eliminate free radicals while soothing and rejuvenating skin. All ingredients used in the line are naturally derived and never test on Animals. Bella10 products are also Petro-Chemical, Paraben and Phthalate free.
Lyons realizes that most individuals may not fully understand the importance of natural body care and the significant impact it can have on the human body. She believes that to properly care not only for outside appearance but inside as well, people really need to take a moment to reflect on their daily habits and how the environment that they are constantly being exposed to may be affecting them. With the ever increasing awareness of the carcinogens in the air and how skin is constantly absorbing them, customers can trust in the quality and purity of one of the finest organic lotions in Arizona.
About Bella10: Bella10 strives to bring personal and professional Natural Nail care knowledge to a whole new level with one of the finest organic lotions in Arizona. For more information, visit:

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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Secret to Artificial Nail Recovery

Mary first came in to the salon on the last day in January 2013.  She had delayed in coming in to see me after she and I had a brief phone consultation right after Christmas of 2012.  She told me that she had a New Year's resolution goal to have her own natural nails again but she really didn't think it was possible.  She had been wearing acrylic nails for approximately 30 years.  I told her that damage happens from the first time you apply artificial nails due to filing across the top of the nail and persists with fills and lifting. I told her that if she was interested in getting her own natural nails back, I could help her achieve that goal.  I have seen all kinds of damage to the natural nail and, at the time, I was unaware of how chronically acute her nail condition was.  Mary has been involved in the beauty industry and she had delayed in seeing me because she was embarrassed by her nails. 

Day 1 - OMG!  

She had told me her nails were bad, and when I saw them, all I could think of was how long this process would take.  Mary had some of the worst damage I had seen in a long time and that damage was extensive!  This was no easy fix and the biggest thing she needed from me was encouragement! 
The ring finger on her right hand was practically gone!

I was truly concerned and told her that the most important thing she could do is to start treating her nails with Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Essential Oil) 2-3 times per day and use cuticle oil every day.  I examined her ring finger and noticed that it hadn't gone down into the nail matrix yet, but it was daringly close!  Any closer and a physician would definitely be required!
There was still Hope!
Her left hand was not as bad as her right but it still needed a lot of time to heal.
Mary's nail prognosis was hopeful but it would take time and patience for her to get her nails back, and it was still questionable on if there would be any permanent damage to the nail matrix.

Mary's nails were thin and ragged so I gently filed the edges that had a little "white tip" with a 400 grit file to smooth the edges.  I cleaned up her cuticle area and put some clear polish on what there was of her natural nails.  Her home regimen included Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Essential Oil) 2-3 times per day, Cuticle Oil 1-2 times per day and a coat of clear polish every other day.  She needed to come in about every 2 to 3 weeks for a manicure.  I also told her that if she noticed any of her nails getting worse that what she saw currently or any infection getting worse, she needed to contact her physician. (Thankfully, that was unnecessary!)

Day 100 - Marked improvement!!!

I am amazed at the improvement, just with Tea Tree Oil.  But now I notice another problem, and it is one that is common for this level of damage.  Mary has a tendency to pick at her fingers, especially if she sees an imperfection.  Mary's left hand is looking much better but her right is still suffering.  Her ring finger (which was her worst case scenario on Day 1) looks better than her middle finger. Her middle finger has been the brunt of obsessive behavior because it is one of the prominent nails of her dominant hand. Now it's time for focus on maintenance instead of cures.
I give Mary a gentle manicure and only smooth out the very tips of her nails so there is nothing to snag or catch her attention in that manner.  I start her on a regimen of nail polish to be applied every other day after today's manicure.  I still want her to treat her nails daily with Tea Tree Oil and cuticle oil, but now I want her to start with a clear polish on her nails to help her maintain some strength and I need to minimize any peeling or chipping that may draw her attention to her deficient nail.
As I mentioned earlier, this is "no easy fix", this takes time and patience.  In place of a regular top coat, I use a product I recently found at my local Sally Beauty Supply called Gelish Mini VitaGel Recovery
by Gelish brand Gel Polish.  This product does need a UV or LED light to cure it but I found that it works fabulously for damaged or weak nails.  I love the two different formulas, one is called Recovery and one is called Strength.  If you don't have a UV or LED light, you can use Jessica Cosmetics Restoration, for post acrylic damage, or you can try Starting Over, a Salon Sciences brand that you can purchase through your local Sally Beauty Supply.
When the nails look like they do at this stage, they still need a lot of care.  The nails need to remain covered with a strengthener made for recovering nails and remain covered for the duration of the regrowth.

I don't hear from Mary for a while again.  Finally, when I do hear from her, it is to take pictures of her nails again and the growth she has achieved!  I can hear the excitement in Mary's voice.

Day 200 - All I can say is WOW!

Mary is in awe of how strong her nails are and how great they look.  She never thought her nails could be this strong!

Mary's nails are now on the road to permanent recovery!  There is still some issues that need to be addressed, but her nails are strong, resilient and they look so-o-o much better than they did when she first came in.  Mary's nails can only get better from here and it is always gratifying to see the transformation from disaster to healthy nails!

Check out the right hand!!!  Amazing!  Isn't it?!

According to Mary, her nails have never looked this great or have they been this strong!  She says her nails were always weak and flimsy, now they are strong, yet flexible and withstand breakage even if she is a little hard on them.
It is amazing to my clients when they finally achieve healthy natural nail growth and they can't believe how strong and healthy their nails really are!

And the most important secret to artificial nail recovery is?... 


After patience, the three most important topical items for artificial nail recovery are;
  1. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Essential Oil - great for damage recovery because it prevents and helps to heal bacterial and some fungal infections.
  2. Post Recovery Nail Strengthener - gotta keep those nails covered to minimize nail anomalies and irregularities.  There is also a gel polish called Recovery, by Gelish, that can help with covering and strengthening the natural nail.  However, a UV lamp and regular and proper removal of the gel polish is required.
  3. Cuticle Oil - to keep the cuticles smooth and the natural nails hydrated and flexible.  Of course, I recommend Bella10 CutiOil because of it's all natural blend that softens the cuticles and hydrates the nails.  When used regularly, CutiOil  will minimize breaking and peeling of the natural nails and help eliminate hangnails.
  Artificial Nail Recovery IS Possible!!!  If Mary can do it, so can you.  All it takes is Patience and a little Perseverance!  Take the challenge!  Your nails can be better than they were before artificial nails!

For more tips on natural nail care, check out

8 Tips on How to Grow Your Nails Faster & Stronger

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics - "A Night At The Opera" Fall 2013 Collection

I have always wanted to go to the Opera.  What an experience that would be...  Epic dramas, romance and intrigue all set to glorious music and colorful sets.  Glamorous men and women, dressed in their finest... "Velvet & Pearls" adorn guests and performers during the "Opening Night", from the "Overture" through the "Blue Aria" sung by the "Prima Donna" of the performance, and on to the "Standing Ovation".  Like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" sitting beautifully in the window box.
Prepare yourself for "A Night At The Opera"!

Shall I illuminate Jessica Cosmetics and "A Night At The Opera" Fall 2013 collection!  Prepare yourself for splendid attire and glorious color for your finger nails and toes alike!  This is no time to hide your dainty digits in long gloves with this season's luxurious color palette.

Starting with "Velvet & Pearls", this is a stunning Black shade that is as rich as velvet.  It applied smoothly and without streaking.  While I have never been a huge fan of black polish, this color has completely changed my viewpoint on the color.

An additional point about this color is that when it was removed, it did not smear or run all over the nail and cuticles.

 I find this is a color that can be worn on any skin tone and with any item of clothing!

The next color in this stunning collection is "Opening Night".   I found this shimmery fuchsia to be right in line with this season's fall fashion colors.

I found it to be a very vivacious color, wildly deep, and it would be great to wear on a party night when you are feeling just a little spunky!

Wear this color with purples, blues and blacks or with other fuchsia attire during this fall season.

"Overture"  is another of my personal favorites.  I just love iridescent coppers!  In the bottle, this color has hints of shimmery gold which blend in with the color beautifully on the nail.  "Overture" is warm and golden, giving a glimpse of the inner fire within all of us.

It will go extremely well with warm toned skin and wear well with attire in the emerald and linden greens that are showing for this fall, as well as blacks and corals.

"Blue Aria" is a creamy dark cobalt blue.  It reminds me of deep ocean waters.  Like deep ocean waters, it has mystery and allure.

Your darkest denims with love this color!  Paired with your favorite dark denim jeans, it can be worn with almost any color in this season's color palette.  Wear it with blues, greens, corals, purples, blacks and fuchsias.

Like the black, this color removes cleanly with polish remover.

"Prima Donna" is, as Jessica Cosmetics puts it, "a violet celebration of the inner diva". This is truly a complex purple that is spirited, mysterious and exotic.
In the bottle it shimmers with a very slight hint of red which, on the nail, helps give it it's vibrancy and energy!  Another perfect color for the fall season.

 This color works well on someone with a cool skin tone.   It combines well with fuchsia, black, blue and even rich corals for this season's colors.

Lastly, because I am such a green girl, I am thrilled to present "Standing Ovation".  In the bottle, "Standing Ovation" has hints of shimmering blues and golds and even a little purple.  This gives it it's rich shimmering emerald to linden green that is so popular for this fall season. (It'll also be great for Christmas!)

It works well with any skin tone and pairs well with the greens of this season, coffee browns, corals, blacks and even blues.

I do hope you have enjoyed this season's polish colors from Jessica Cosmetics .  They truly reflect the colors showing in fashion for this fall season.  Each color is sumptuously rich and vibrant (yes, even the black) and I am certain that you will love them all as I did!  They are available now and you can get them at Jessica Cosmetics online and at fine salons and spas internationally! In addition, Jessica Cosmetics colors are formulated with antioxidant vitamins for maximum conditioning and UVA/UVB protection from the sun.  They are quick-drying and Three Free (toluene, formaldahyde and DBP free)!  If you can't find them online, you can call 818-759-1050 and tell them Bella10 Nails sent you.  Each professional quality color is only $8.40. Grab your favorite or get the entire collection!

I hope you enjoyed "A Night At The Opera", I'll be sharing Jessica's Effects "Glitzy" collection soon.  If you like glitter, you'll love "Glitzy"!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

8 Tips on How to Grow Your Nails Faster and Stronger

Let's face it, women want long fingernails.  They're sexy and they're feminine. But the question always remains, how can I get them naturally? Here are some key ways to help get your nails to grow longer and stronger.
  1. Eat a healthy diet.  Our nails, hair and skin reflect our overall health and nutrition.  Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients is a long term solution with excellent results. Your nails, hair and skin can improve over time.
  2. Keep them protected.  Use gloves when doing dishes, gardening or any mechanical work.  Water damages nails, so do chemicals and hard use.
  3. Keep your nails polished at all times. Nail polish increases the thickness of your nails thereby protecting the nails.  Even if you only use a clear polish, making certain to cap the tips of your nails.  Prevent them from chipping by applying another clear coat (top coat) every 2-3 days. For more on nail polish see Prevent Polish Chipping & Peeling
  4.  Do not clip your nails.  Clipping the nails creates micro-cracks.  If you must clip your nails, soak them in water for approximately two minutes first.  If possible, invest in a precision blade nail clipper.  It is preferable to file your nails in one direction, from side to tip
  5. Do not let your nails get TOO long.  Be realistic.  Based on your activity levels and what you do with your hands, keep your nails just a little shorter than where they usually break.  If one finger breaks more often than the others, keep that nail shorter as you use that finger more or it has a weak area. 
  6. Use a good Cuticle Oil.  Skin sebum keeps nails healthy but as we mature, sebum production diminishes. Replace natural sebum with natural plant based oils rich in Vitamin E like Almond oil (softens nails), Macadamia Nut and Jojoba oil (mimic natural sebum).   
  7. Massage your finger tips daily.  Increased blood circulation to the nails stimulates faster nail growth.  This can be done in conjunction with using cuticle oil.
  8. Have a regular manicure.  It doesn't matter if you do it yourself or if someone does it for you, a regular manicure will keep you aware of your nails and you will protect them more.
Remember, growing longer healthier nails does not happen overnight.  Be patient and use these 8 tips to grow healthier, longer, and more beautiful nails!

To learn more about Natural Nail care, read

"The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails"

Available at Barnes & Noble or your local bookseller.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why You Should Consider Natural Ingredients in Your Skin Care and Cosmetics

I’ve known about this for years, but if you haven’t heard the horror stories, you should know more about what is in your beauty products.  It doesn’t matter if it is some form of Paraben, Phthalates, or a Petro-Chemical, none of them are good for our bodies.  What most people don’t realize is that 60% of what you put on your body, ends up in your body.
Let’s start with Parabens.  Whenever you can, avoid products that contain methylparaben, propylparaben , n-propylparaben, or anything that has paraben in the name.   According to the, “Parabens are a group of compounds widely used as antimicrobial preservatives in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, including underarm deodorants. Parabens are absorbed through intact skin and from the gastrointestinal tract… Measurable concentrations of six different parabens have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors (Darbre, 2004).”   Did you catch that? They said “through intact skin”!  Parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue and your body absorbs it through intact skin.  Many times it can be through deodorant but it is in your body lotions too.

Phthalates are found in large group of common products that include cosmetics,  plastics, baby care products,  pharmaceuticals, cleaning materials, etc.  Phthalates are hormone disruptors and a known carcinogen.  One of the most widely known ingredients to the nail industry is Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP).  If you remember DBP is one of the ingredients that have been removed in nail polishes that are considered “Three Free”

Petro-Chemicals are derived from petroleum.  When you look at the ancient Greek etymology of the word Petroleum, it means “rock oil”.  Petroleum products can generate 1,4-dioxane which is a known carcinogen and can also cause harm to the kidneys, respiratory system and is a neurotoxicant.  

If you go back to the rule, “60% of what you put on your body, ends up in your body”  and we all know that our bodies process food and water.  This, when placed on the skin can be processed by the body, but non-food/non-water will be processed as a toxin.  If your body can recognize it as a possible food group, then your body will take what it needs and dispose of the rest as it does naturally, anything else will be processed as a toxin.  The best way I can recommend a product is if you can recognize the ingredient by a common name, it is better for you than if it is not.  Weigh out the ingredients to see how much sounds like a natural ingredient. Do your research .  And remember, 60 % of what you put in your body, ends up in your body.  If your body can look at the ingredients like a food group, you are doing well!

For more information on breast cancer findings and petroleum, check out these websites.

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's a Girl Thing - Jessica Cosmetics New Spring Line

I love Jessica Cosmetics! Not just because they sent me a special preview of their new Spring collection but because in all my 30+ years in the nail industry, they have the BEST polish line for natural nail wear-ability!  You heard that right!  I have never had a nail polish line that delivers such long lasting wear and coverage.   Today I want to share their new Spring collection, "It's a Girl Thing"!

Jessica Vartoughian has been touted as the "Manicurist to the Stars" and she has decided that her newest collection should feature some fabulous girls that are in her life.  Introducing Ava, the "New Kid in Town," Alexis "Ruby Empress," Amira the "Smitten Kitten," Alia a "Sun-Kissed Beauty," Nadia the "Sterling Queen" and Sophia who's "True Blue"!  Each girl plays dress up in her favorite color that is inspired by her distinctive personality.
Alia - Sun Kissed Beauty

Alia "Sun Kissed Beauty" is a deep stylish sunset-orange.  
This color is a cream color and is vibrantly hot! 
Great color for dark, tanned or olive skin but as you can see, 
it looks fabulous on fair pink skin too!
Ava - New Kid in Town
Ava the "New Kid in Town" is a sweet lavender cream polish. 
It's not a shy color but not bold either.  Just the right amount of coverage.
Nadia - Sterling Queen
Nadia the "Sterling Queen" is a sophisticated silver-gray 
with a little hint of shimmer but not a frost.  
My model and I found this color surprisingly elegant 
and felt that the bottle did not do it justice.

Amira - Smitten Kitten

Amira, the “Smitten Kitten” is a described as a “smart and joyful pink”.   
I find this pink cream polish to be playful and full of life! 
 If you like pink, you’ll love this!
Sophia - True Blue
Sophia is considered "True Blue".  Sounds like an honest, forthright person to me!  
I would probably trust the person who inspired this rich robin egg blue polish!
The coverage was incredible too… Stunning!
Alexix - Ruby Empress
Alexis, the "Ruby Empress" is a heart-throbbing creative red 
with just a hint of yellow undertones.  
This dynamic red will be the perfect summer shade!

 There you have it!!  "It's a Girl Thing" will be available the end of this month through Jessica Cosmetics online and at fine salons and spas internationally! In addition, Jessica Cosmetics colors are formulated with antioxidant vitamins for maximum conditioning and UVA/UVB protection from the sun.  They are quick-drying and Three Free (toluene, formaldahyde and DBP free)!