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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fun in the Sun - Color Changing Polish! - Part 1

Summertime is for fun, sandals, beaches, sand and FUN polish colors!  Sure, you can wear a french but that's boring compared to what I found when I was on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I happened upon a shop called Life on a Sandbar in Nags Head near a fun kite store.  I saw a sign for a Del Sol Nail Polish.  I had been in a Del Sol shop in Virginia Beach, and purchased a T-shirt several years ago, so I was aware of the color changing properties of the Del Sol products.  I didn't realize that they offered nail polishes now, so I had to check these nail polishes.  For those who were unaware, Del Sol makes t-shirts and now nail polishes that change color in the sunlight.  I had purchased a cute black and white t-shirt that, in the sun, changed to beautiful pinks, blues, greens and violets.

The store's manager, Nina, was extremely helpful.  She started showing me the different polishes and found out that I was interested in colors with a more extreme color change.  She shared with me several different colors that were popular and had a great color change.  Nina introduced me to two glitter polishes and two frosted nail polishes.  I will be sharing them with you here in  two part series. (I will apologize now for the quality of some of the photos as some are a bit blurry.)

The first color I'll share is Spike.  Spike is a very pretty frosted mint green.

I loved the consistency of this frosted formula. I know frosts are sometimes hard to apply for most people.  They tend to look streaky, but this formula didn't seem to have that much of an issue to make it look smooth. Since I am a "green" girl, I fell in love with this shade without sunlight, but in the sunlight it turned a light lilac.

The second color I will share with you today has been, so far, my client's favorite!  It's called Ruby Slipper.

Sometimes I wish I was a professional photographer, but alas, my skills are more in manicuring than in photography. I wish my photographic skills were better, but you have to admit, the color change effects with the Del Sol Nail Polishes are stunning.  As I said, this is my client's favorite for now.

I will share with you the next two colors in Part 2 of "Fun in the Sun - Color Changing Polish!" next week!
Enjoy the colors and remember, shop local where you can.  If you find yourself on the Outerbanks of North Carolina, specifically Nags Head, check out the shop Life on a SandbarNina is really helpful and they offer a Buy 3. Get one Free deal on their Del Sol Polishes

You can also find a local Del Sol store by going to  Or you can purchase online at

Bella10 is giving away a free bottle of Del Sol Ruby Slipper and CutiOil,1/2 oz and the 2 oz Refill Size.  To enter click on the link below.

Don't forget to check out "Fun in the Sun - Color Changing Polish!" Part 2.

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