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Friday, September 28, 2012

Nail Polish Techniques Made Simple

I've shown many people how to polish a nail so that they do not get the polish on the cuticle.  I even describe in in my book "The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails".  I describe it as a 4 Stroke Method, until now!  I love this easy visual from The Polished Perfectionist.  The reason I love it so much is it shows the initial polish brush placement on the nail.

1. Place the polish brush on the nail and fan out the brush slightly
2. Push the fanned out polish brush slowly toward the cuticle making certain to leave a "hairline" area bare between the cuticle and the polish.
3. Pull the polish brush to the tip of the finger.
4. Polish one side by placing the brush to the side of your original starting area and fill in the one side without touching the skin
5. Polish the other side
6. Polish the very tip of the nail where you would file it.

Don't forget when you are polishing your nails it is important to use a base coat (it holds the color to the nail and prevents chipping and peeling), your color (usually 2 coats) and a top coat (for shine and increased durability).

If you get a little polish on your skin, have an manicure stick handy.  Apply your top coat and apply a small amount of the top coat to your skin where the color is.  Wipe off the topcoat and color polish from your skin, avoiding the nail itself.  No polish remover necessary if you are dealing with a small area.  To help with drying, apply a cuticle oil, like CutiOil, to the cuticle area of your nails (don't be afraid to be generous) and have a cup of ice handy.  The cold cup of ice chills your fingertip as you hold the cup and sets your polish up faster.   It usually take 15 minutes for your polish to set up enough not to smudge and about an hour for it to not dent.

For further reading on Natural Nail Care, see 

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