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Friday, September 7, 2012

Caring for Your Nail Polish – Nail Polish Series – Part 2

     We all have that favorite bottle of nail polish in our private collections that we absolutely love but it’s beyond saving.  We can’t open the bottle, and if we can, it’s a goopy mess and our heart breaks when we hear it go “thud” in the garbage can.  How could we have let our favorite color get so bad.

     The key is to not let nail polish build up around the neck of the bottle or up into the cap.  When the polish builds up on the neck and cap of the bottle, it allows air into the bottle which then thickens the nail polish.  In Part 1, we learned how to revive that old bottle of nail polish that was hard to open and was practically too thick to use.  Now we are going to see how easy it is to prevent that from happening too fast.  And you don’t need to keep your nail polish in the refrigerator (see “Keeping Your Polish Fresh”)

     It’s all in how you wipe the excess nail polish from the brush before applying it to your nail.

This is not the proper way to wipe off excess nail polish.  

     This will definitely allow the nail polish to build up around the neck of the bottle very fast.  If you insist on doing it this way, be prepared to wipe off the neck of the bottle every time you polish, before you tighten the lid, to prevent it from getting into the cap.

An easy way to minimize polish on the neck of the bottle 
is to wipe off the nail polish this way.   

     You may need to clean this up every few times you use the polish because it you may still get a little polish on the neck of the bottle.  The nice part is that it won’t be as often and all your excess polish goes back inside the bottle instead of on the neck and inside the cap.

Watch for Part 3 in the Nail Polish Series “Maintaining Your Favorite Nail Polish”

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