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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Maintaining Your Favorite Nail Polish - Nail Polish Series - Part 3

We all have that favorite bottle of nail polish... You know the one.  In Part 1, you learned how to revive and thin out your old polish. You could try to do that again but you've already thinned it two or three times.  If you thin it one more time, it'll start chipping sooner.  In Part 2, you found out how to keep your nail polish from getting thick too soon, just by keeping the neck and cap clean.  So now what?   It's such a waste when only get a half of the color out of the bottle before you have to throw it away.  There is an answer.

If you have a specific nail polish color that you really like, you should buy two bottles of the polish color.  

Use one of them to polish your nails.  
Use the second bottle to refill and refresh the first bottle!  

Clean the neck and the cap of the bottle you use to polish with.
Use your "refill" bottle to fill up your "polishing" bottle.
Fill a small amount of your "polishing" bottle 
with some fresh base coat of the same brand. 
Remember to keep the necks of all the bottles free of any spilled polish.
Cap your bottles then shake the "polishing" bottle 
to mix the fresh polish in with the older polish.  
If you plan to use it right away, you should let all the bubbles inside settle first.
You now have a fresh bottle to polish with and you can store 
your "refill" bottle somewhere away from direct sunlight and heat 
so you can use it again when you need it.
This way, you get one and a half bottles of the polish color out of the two bottles instead of only getting half of the color out of each bottle.

Keep all your polishes fresh this way.

I even keep a large bottle of base coat to refill the bottle I use regularly.

Using this technique, you won't degrade the integrity of the nail polish and it will be less likely to chip later as it wears on the nail.

I hope you've enjoyed the Nail Polish Series.  Send me a message if there is a topic about Natural Nails, Nail Care or Nail Polish that you would like some insight into.  I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience!

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