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At Bella10, we are all about the natural nails! We know it takes care and time to create a beautiful set of natural nails and smooth, healthy skin and cuticles enhance the overall appearance. Bella10 supports natural nail care through skilled nail technicians, personal nail care and great natural nail care products. We always recommend regular manicures, whither done by a licensed professional or at home, by yourself or with friends. Bella10 does recommend being a knowledgeable consumer when choosing a nail salon, nail technician, nail care product or tool. Bella10 is here to help.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Part 3 of 4
So you are in the salon of your choice and you’ve seen some of what they can do and you’ve determined, on sight, that you may want to utilize them as a service provider.  This is where you really learn if you can trust them.  It doesn’t matter if you are there for a full set of acrylic or gel nails, a shellac or basic manicure or even a pedicure, here is where you ask your technician a few simple questions that you are entitled to ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, it shows that you are an informed and intelligent consumer. 

What to Ask
1.      Can they show you a current beauty license when asked?
2.      Can they explain their sanitizing/disinfecting process for their files, buffers and implements? 
3.      Does the sanitizing solution look contaminated?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.  If uncertain, ask!
4.      Can they explain their sanitizing process in between clients for the foot spa?  IF you are concerned ask if they have a sanitizing logbook for daily sanitation processes of their foot spas?  This is not always a nail salon requirement, some states require it, some states do not.  If they have one, they should not mind you asking for it.
5.      What product brand do they use to create their artificial nails?  Can they give you an answer or is it “proprietary”?  Ask to see the original container if it is in an unmarked one. This could be a potential indicator of MMA.
After getting a few satisfying answers from your technician, you are on your way to a perfect nail experience. Now relax and let your new nail technician lead the way to manicure and/or pedicure bliss.
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