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At Bella10, we are all about the natural nails! We know it takes care and time to create a beautiful set of natural nails and smooth, healthy skin and cuticles enhance the overall appearance. Bella10 supports natural nail care through skilled nail technicians, personal nail care and great natural nail care products. We always recommend regular manicures, whither done by a licensed professional or at home, by yourself or with friends. Bella10 does recommend being a knowledgeable consumer when choosing a nail salon, nail technician, nail care product or tool. Bella10 is here to help.


Friday, August 3, 2012


Part 2 of 4
In part 1, I gave you some of the basic knowledge when trying to find the right nail salon/technician. But how do you know if they are being safe and sanitary.  Here is a great checklist to help make you comfortable about your choice of nail salon/technician.  When you are relaxed about the technician and the salon you are in, your nail experience is better because you have more peace of mind!!! Remember, you are there to relax, and not come home with a toenail fungus.

Simple Observations in the Nail Salon
1.     Does the salon, nail station, and/or pedicure area look clean?  Clean is good.  Dirty stations and floors with nail clippings, etc, should make you wonder how clean is everything else?
2.     Have you observed the technician cleaning their implements and sanitizing their implements in liquid sanitizers?  Does the sanitizing solution look contaminated?  All sanitizing liquids are different, but a clean liquid should usually look free of debris.
3.     Do they consult with you and ask questions before performing a service?  People who are diabetic, have peripheral vascular disease, neuropathies, or who are on blood thinning medications should be especially cautious, especially before pedicure services.
4.     Do the files, buffers and other tools look clean?  Did they come out of a clean drawer/container or directly out of a sanitizing solution? 
5.     Are you provided with clean linens and towels?
6.     Do they wash or sanitize your hands/feet AND their own hands before providing any nail service?
7.     Did you observe them cleaning and sanitizing the foot spa in between every client? This should be done before you put your feet in it.  All implements, basins, and bowls must be clean and disinfected before a pedicure service.
8.      Do they use an implement to forcibly remove or pry off artificial nails?  Is this nail service painful or does it damage your skin and/or nails?  Remember, nail services should never be painful!
9.      Do they use care when using an electric filing machine (drill)? Are the bits clean and sanitized? 
10   Do they use a spatula when retrieving product from jars and containers? They should never use their hands for this process.
11   Is the salon using products from unlabeled or unmarked containers? If so ask them to provide you with the label or ask not to use it. 
12  Concerning acrylic nails: Does the acrylic liquid used in creating acrylic nails have an unusually strong odor?  Is the nail enhancement extremely difficult to file or does it require more than an hour to soak off?  Both are possible indicators of MMA.
13  Does your technician use a coarse nail file when “roughing up” the surface of your own natural nail before applying your acrylic nail? While some “roughing up” is required in preparation of an artificial nail, usually a medium grit file is all that is needed, just to remove the shine. 
The Basics
Five Easy Questions 
Added Guidelines


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