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At Bella10, we are all about the natural nails! We know it takes care and time to create a beautiful set of natural nails and smooth, healthy skin and cuticles enhance the overall appearance. Bella10 supports natural nail care through skilled nail technicians, personal nail care and great natural nail care products. We always recommend regular manicures, whither done by a licensed professional or at home, by yourself or with friends. Bella10 does recommend being a knowledgeable consumer when choosing a nail salon, nail technician, nail care product or tool. Bella10 is here to help.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Part 1 of 4
          I receive numerous questions about choosing the right nail salon/technician. Most consumers assume that if they are in business, they have customers, then they must be safe and sanitary. Unfortunately this isn’t always true. Rather than bore you with a list of laws and regulations I am going to provide you with a handy checklist and a few insights to make your nail experience even better!!! Remember you are there to relax, coming home with a fungus (or much worse) definitely wouldn’t be an AHHH experience.

The Basics
1.     Nail Technicians need to be licensed within the state that they practice and these licenses should be posted and visible to the public. 
2.     All salons and nail technicians should clean and sanitize stations, implements, and tools between every client.
3.     Nail services shouldn’t be painful nor should they damage the nail or skin.  If there is any pain ask the tech to stop.
4.     The use of MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) is prohibited from use by the FDA on soft tissue like nails and it’s illegal to use on nails in most states. (MMA is the chemical adhesive used to apply acrylic nails and the like)  In an educational update, the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC) issued this statement:  “Serious adverse skin reactions and permanent nail deformities are only part of the risk of using MMA.--- Some of the primary consumer complaints range from ‘skin allergy, loss of sensation in the fingertips, permanent loss of the nail plate,’ usually the result of repeatedly exposing the client’s soft tissue to the monomer liquid.”
A simple checklist
Five easy questions
A few added guidelines to your nail care comfort.


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