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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bella10 CutiOil is the Best Cuticle Oil Ever!

I am  always busy!  I work in a salon full time, I write blogs about nail care and nail care products I like, so yes, I'm always busy.  We won't even mention my social life...  But this time I've added more to my busy life.  I've decided to get busy creating my own line of all natural nail care products.  And it feels right!  I feel that it's a natural progression in my career

 Since I've been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, worked with all kinds of products, I know what type of products work and with what kind of ingredients are best.  I've always wanted my own brand of Cuticle Oil, hence my saying "Oil, Oil, Oil" to all my clients and friends.  Oil in the natural nail helps to minimize nail peeling nails and it reduces nail breakage.

Presto!  Bella10 CutiOil!
But I had to have the right combination of natural oils, with natural vitamin content (A,C,D & E), that would hydrate the nail and the cuticle.  I knew that I wanted Almond Oil to soften the nail and allow the nail to bend a little and not break if it was bumped.  I wanted an oil to mimic the skin's own natural sebum.  Luckily, I not only found one in Jojoba Oil but I also found another that I just love, Macadamia Nut Oil.  When our skin slows in producing it's own oil, we need to topically apply something to help the nails and skin stay hydrated.  I also wanted Apricot Kernel Oil because it has a very small molecular structure and can be a carrier oil and draw the extra vitamin E that I wanted to add deeper into the nail itself.  I added a very light Egyptian Geranium and Rose fragrance too.  Wish this screen had a scratch and sniff so I could share how light and beautiful this fragrance really is.

I am very pleased with the mixture of all these fantastic natural oils.  The quality of the cuticle oil compares with some of the major brands that are on the market and the price is better than what you will find too.  I will be retailing CutiOil at only $9.99 per bottle and I am accepting wholesale accounts.

This is just the beginning, as it looks like I have the beginnings of making my own brand. CutiOil is available on the Bella10 website!

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