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Sunday, September 1, 2013

8 Tips on How to Grow Your Nails Faster and Stronger

Let's face it, women want long fingernails.  They're sexy and they're feminine. But the question always remains, how can I get them naturally? Here are some key ways to help get your nails to grow longer and stronger.
  1. Eat a healthy diet.  Our nails, hair and skin reflect our overall health and nutrition.  Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients is a long term solution with excellent results. Your nails, hair and skin can improve over time.
  2. Keep them protected.  Use gloves when doing dishes, gardening or any mechanical work.  Water damages nails, so do chemicals and hard use.
  3. Keep your nails polished at all times. Nail polish increases the thickness of your nails thereby protecting the nails.  Even if you only use a clear polish, making certain to cap the tips of your nails.  Prevent them from chipping by applying another clear coat (top coat) every 2-3 days. For more on nail polish see Prevent Polish Chipping & Peeling
  4.  Do not clip your nails.  Clipping the nails creates micro-cracks.  If you must clip your nails, soak them in water for approximately two minutes first.  If possible, invest in a precision blade nail clipper.  It is preferable to file your nails in one direction, from side to tip
  5. Do not let your nails get TOO long.  Be realistic.  Based on your activity levels and what you do with your hands, keep your nails just a little shorter than where they usually break.  If one finger breaks more often than the others, keep that nail shorter as you use that finger more or it has a weak area. 
  6. Use a good Cuticle Oil.  Skin sebum keeps nails healthy but as we mature, sebum production diminishes. Replace natural sebum with natural plant based oils rich in Vitamin E like Almond oil (softens nails), Macadamia Nut and Jojoba oil (mimic natural sebum).   
  7. Massage your finger tips daily.  Increased blood circulation to the nails stimulates faster nail growth.  This can be done in conjunction with using cuticle oil.
  8. Have a regular manicure.  It doesn't matter if you do it yourself or if someone does it for you, a regular manicure will keep you aware of your nails and you will protect them more.
Remember, growing longer healthier nails does not happen overnight.  Be patient and use these 8 tips to grow healthier, longer, and more beautiful nails!

To learn more about Natural Nail care, read

"The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails"

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! These are great and easy tips for nail. I like your tips. Thank you for sharing your information.

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Bella10 Nails said...

Thank you Zelna! I just want to share, with my clients and others, things I've learned over the the last 30 plus years. These are not quick fixes, but they do work when applied regularly, over time.

Unknown said...

Loved your blog page!!!The stuff that you have remarked up here is superbly wonderful and I vigorously thank you for the same...