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Monday, December 10, 2012

6 Tips for Winter Skin & Winter Nails

Winter can bring on extra challenges in natural nail and skin care.   

Of course we all know lotion helps with winter skin, but even using lotion regularly sometimes doesn't help. Dry, rough and flakey skin, even splits or fissures can develop with the colder temperatures.  

Can winter weather also affect our nails they way it affects our skin?We all experience dry winter skin but many of us forget the effects that the winter can have on our nails. 

Nails grow slower because our metabolisms are usually slower in colder months. They do not regenerate the way they can in the warmer months.  In addition, extreme temperature changes due to cold weather and indoor heating can dry out the skin.  Your skin (and nails) expand and contract just as anything else when exposed to temperature changes. This constant expansion and contraction from indoor and outdoor temperature changes can make us loose our protective natural oil barrier which protects our skin and keeps it hydrated.  Therefore, winter weather means dry, rough, and even cracked skin.  Dry skin leads to dry nails… Dry nails increases nail breakage, and peeling.  So how can you minimize winters impact on your nails and hands?

  1. Wear gloves or mittens when outdoors. For an extra kick, apply a good hand cream to your hands before putting them on.
  2. Never underestimate the use of a good cuticle oil, like CutiOil.  The important part is to use it DAILY!  It will not only reduce or eliminate hangnails, it will also minimize nail breakage and peeling. A drop or two of CutiOil on extremely rough skin, in addition to your hand cream would be extremely beneficial in replacing the natural oils that have been lost!
  3. Keep your nails shorter if necessary.  If you need to take down more length, use a quality nail clipper and never clip down your nails unless they have soaked in water for at least 2 minutes.
  4. Use a gentle nail file to minimize nail peeling.  I like glass or crystal nail files or you can use an emery board with grits from 220 to 400 grit.  File your nail from side to tip, don’t saw your nails with the file as this can create more peeling later.
  5. Avoid extreme temperatures.  Very hot water for showering and washing your hands will dry out the skin and nails.  Be certain to lotion your skin after washing to help replenish the oils lost that help keep your skin moisturized.
  6. Apply your lotions and oils at night.  Night time is when your body goes into "repair mode".  Plus, applying your lotion and oils to your hands, feet or nails at night will lessen the chance you will wash it off quickly.  No need to over-apply unless your skin and nails are extremely chapped.  In this case, socks or gloves may be a great idea.

Bella10 Nail & Skin Care products are made to help mimic the skin's natural oils unlike products with mineral oils or petroleum.
Bella10 Nail & Skin Care products are natural, non-toxic and will help repair dry, chapped, and rough winter skin when used regularly. 
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