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Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Awarness Month

Think Pink!

There are copious amounts of pink nail polish colors to choose from from all the different nail care manufacturers.  There are some great colors out there but you have to admire nail manufactures when they create nail polish collections to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and who also donate to finding a cure!

This year, I'd like to bring attention to a few nail polish manufacters like Jessica Cosmetics for Color the Cure,

 Esse brand nail polishes for their four piece collection "We can beat this because We're In It Together",

I am strong                  good morning hope

check-up                    we are in it together

 and with their 31Days of Pink.

Orly also has a Pretty in Pink, their 3 shade glitter collection that is oh so stunning!

And one of the largest collections I've found recently is China Glaze's United in Purpose, twelve shades of Pink for every skin tone!

Hello Gorgeous!

Heart Of The Matter

     Beauty Within

Live, Love, Laugh



     Always A Lady


Dare To Be Bare

    Angel's Breath

Pearls Of Wisdom

But I have a tendency to go for the underdog as most people usually will, and when I say underdog I mean an Indie polish manufacturer!  Kudos to the Indie polish company, Naild'it! Naild'it has created three shades that help create awareness and help to donate to a cause.  Of course the pink is titled Breast Cancer Awarness, the blue is Make a Wish and the yellow is Disabled Veteran.

Thank you for sharing my hope for a future without Breast Cancer!

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