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Monday, September 3, 2012

Reviving Old Nail Polish - Nail Polish Series Part 1

       Working as a nail technician, you learn quickly that you need to maintain your nail polish collection for optimum use and to save $Money$!  Today I'm going to show you how to reclaim an old, and probably favorite, bottle of nail polish.  We all have something like this lying around.  When you shake it, you can barely hear the metal blending beads.  And trying to open it is nearly impossible.  I'm not saying every bottle of nail polish can be saved, especially if it is too far gone.  Once some of them have been saved, they still may not last as long as you want and eventually you will have to purchase a new bottle.  We’ll cover “Getting the Most Out of Your Nail Polish” in    Part 3.
Today, we'll be saving OPI's Ruble For Your Thoughts
It's pretty thick and I can barely hear the blending beads.
 For this task, we’ll need Polish Remover, an Eye Dropper, 
Polish Thinner and a Base Coat Nail Polish. 
     If you cannot open the bottle, one of the best methods I've found is to put polish remover inside the lid of the polish bottle.  Turn the bottle up-side-down and slowly drip polish remover down the side of the bottle, so that it runs down the side and fills the cap with remover.  Let it sit this way for about 10-15 minutes.  I found that this works better than hot water poured on the cap.  But keep that method in mind if this doesn't work easily.  Let’s just hope we don’t need a pair of pliers to grab a hold of the lid.  Do not use the pliers on the glass part of the bottle!
After you get the bottle open, you'll notice that if you 
try to apply the nail polish, it goes on "goop-ey".
Look at all the nail polish on the neck of the bottle and inside the cap.  
This is what was gluing your bottle shut.  
We'll need to clean this up first.

Remove the brush stem from the cap with a lint free paper towel 
soaked with polish remover.  
This will aid you with cleaning it easily.   
Then fill the cap with polish remover and let it soak and soften.
 Clean the neck of the bottle. 

 After 10-15 minutes, clean out the inside of the cap 
by stuffing the paper towel down inside and twisting the cap 
like you are tightening the cap onto the paper towel.  
You may need to re-soak to get all the nail polish 
out from the inside of the cap.
Now it’s time to thin the polish and make it work-able.  
Here, you will need a nail polish (or nail lacquer) thinner 
and a base coat nail polish.  
It is always optimal, but not always necessary, to use matching brands, 
such as OPI for the thinner.  I do not have an OPI base coat, 
I only have a Jessica base coat for this demonstration. 
Add enough polish thinner so that the blending beads move freely. 
*Note* Do not use polish remover as your thinner.  
It breaks down the polish but in a manner that 
the nail polish qualities become compromised. 
 In other words, your favorite nail polish will probably 
chip faster than it ever did before.
Now add a little of your base coat nail polish to increase adhesion 
to the nail and minimize the risk of chipping polish.
Replace the brush stem and the cap and tighten the cap on to the bottle.   
Shake the bottle vigorously to blend everything together

You will find that the polish will apply smoother 
with less streaking and last you a little bit longer overall.  
I hope you learned something from this tutorial.  
Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Nail Polish Series where 
I will show you how to easily prevent the build up of nail polish that 
threatens to thicken your polish once more called “Caring for Your Nail Polish”


Erica said...

Wow, this is really smart! Is polish thinner generally expensive?

Bella10 Nails said...

Hi Erica! No, it's fairly inexpensive and you can purchase a 4 ounce bottle from Sally Beauty Supply for under $5.00. It's a lot of thinner and it will last you for a very long time.