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Monday, September 9, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics - "A Night At The Opera" Fall 2013 Collection

I have always wanted to go to the Opera.  What an experience that would be...  Epic dramas, romance and intrigue all set to glorious music and colorful sets.  Glamorous men and women, dressed in their finest... "Velvet & Pearls" adorn guests and performers during the "Opening Night", from the "Overture" through the "Blue Aria" sung by the "Prima Donna" of the performance, and on to the "Standing Ovation".  Like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" sitting beautifully in the window box.
Prepare yourself for "A Night At The Opera"!

Shall I illuminate Jessica Cosmetics and "A Night At The Opera" Fall 2013 collection!  Prepare yourself for splendid attire and glorious color for your finger nails and toes alike!  This is no time to hide your dainty digits in long gloves with this season's luxurious color palette.

Starting with "Velvet & Pearls", this is a stunning Black shade that is as rich as velvet.  It applied smoothly and without streaking.  While I have never been a huge fan of black polish, this color has completely changed my viewpoint on the color.

An additional point about this color is that when it was removed, it did not smear or run all over the nail and cuticles.

 I find this is a color that can be worn on any skin tone and with any item of clothing!

The next color in this stunning collection is "Opening Night".   I found this shimmery fuchsia to be right in line with this season's fall fashion colors.

I found it to be a very vivacious color, wildly deep, and it would be great to wear on a party night when you are feeling just a little spunky!

Wear this color with purples, blues and blacks or with other fuchsia attire during this fall season.

"Overture"  is another of my personal favorites.  I just love iridescent coppers!  In the bottle, this color has hints of shimmery gold which blend in with the color beautifully on the nail.  "Overture" is warm and golden, giving a glimpse of the inner fire within all of us.

It will go extremely well with warm toned skin and wear well with attire in the emerald and linden greens that are showing for this fall, as well as blacks and corals.

"Blue Aria" is a creamy dark cobalt blue.  It reminds me of deep ocean waters.  Like deep ocean waters, it has mystery and allure.

Your darkest denims with love this color!  Paired with your favorite dark denim jeans, it can be worn with almost any color in this season's color palette.  Wear it with blues, greens, corals, purples, blacks and fuchsias.

Like the black, this color removes cleanly with polish remover.

"Prima Donna" is, as Jessica Cosmetics puts it, "a violet celebration of the inner diva". This is truly a complex purple that is spirited, mysterious and exotic.
In the bottle it shimmers with a very slight hint of red which, on the nail, helps give it it's vibrancy and energy!  Another perfect color for the fall season.

 This color works well on someone with a cool skin tone.   It combines well with fuchsia, black, blue and even rich corals for this season's colors.

Lastly, because I am such a green girl, I am thrilled to present "Standing Ovation".  In the bottle, "Standing Ovation" has hints of shimmering blues and golds and even a little purple.  This gives it it's rich shimmering emerald to linden green that is so popular for this fall season. (It'll also be great for Christmas!)

It works well with any skin tone and pairs well with the greens of this season, coffee browns, corals, blacks and even blues.

I do hope you have enjoyed this season's polish colors from Jessica Cosmetics .  They truly reflect the colors showing in fashion for this fall season.  Each color is sumptuously rich and vibrant (yes, even the black) and I am certain that you will love them all as I did!  They are available now and you can get them at Jessica Cosmetics online and at fine salons and spas internationally! In addition, Jessica Cosmetics colors are formulated with antioxidant vitamins for maximum conditioning and UVA/UVB protection from the sun.  They are quick-drying and Three Free (toluene, formaldahyde and DBP free)!  If you can't find them online, you can call 818-759-1050 and tell them Bella10 Nails sent you.  Each professional quality color is only $8.40. Grab your favorite or get the entire collection!

I hope you enjoyed "A Night At The Opera", I'll be sharing Jessica's Effects "Glitzy" collection soon.  If you like glitter, you'll love "Glitzy"!

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