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Monday, January 21, 2013

It's a Girl Thing - Jessica Cosmetics New Spring Line

I love Jessica Cosmetics! Not just because they sent me a special preview of their new Spring collection but because in all my 30+ years in the nail industry, they have the BEST polish line for natural nail wear-ability!  You heard that right!  I have never had a nail polish line that delivers such long lasting wear and coverage.   Today I want to share their new Spring collection, "It's a Girl Thing"!

Jessica Vartoughian has been touted as the "Manicurist to the Stars" and she has decided that her newest collection should feature some fabulous girls that are in her life.  Introducing Ava, the "New Kid in Town," Alexis "Ruby Empress," Amira the "Smitten Kitten," Alia a "Sun-Kissed Beauty," Nadia the "Sterling Queen" and Sophia who's "True Blue"!  Each girl plays dress up in her favorite color that is inspired by her distinctive personality.
Alia - Sun Kissed Beauty

Alia "Sun Kissed Beauty" is a deep stylish sunset-orange.  
This color is a cream color and is vibrantly hot! 
Great color for dark, tanned or olive skin but as you can see, 
it looks fabulous on fair pink skin too!
Ava - New Kid in Town
Ava the "New Kid in Town" is a sweet lavender cream polish. 
It's not a shy color but not bold either.  Just the right amount of coverage.
Nadia - Sterling Queen
Nadia the "Sterling Queen" is a sophisticated silver-gray 
with a little hint of shimmer but not a frost.  
My model and I found this color surprisingly elegant 
and felt that the bottle did not do it justice.

Amira - Smitten Kitten

Amira, the “Smitten Kitten” is a described as a “smart and joyful pink”.   
I find this pink cream polish to be playful and full of life! 
 If you like pink, you’ll love this!
Sophia - True Blue
Sophia is considered "True Blue".  Sounds like an honest, forthright person to me!  
I would probably trust the person who inspired this rich robin egg blue polish!
The coverage was incredible too… Stunning!
Alexix - Ruby Empress
Alexis, the "Ruby Empress" is a heart-throbbing creative red 
with just a hint of yellow undertones.  
This dynamic red will be the perfect summer shade!

 There you have it!!  "It's a Girl Thing" will be available the end of this month through Jessica Cosmetics online and at fine salons and spas internationally! In addition, Jessica Cosmetics colors are formulated with antioxidant vitamins for maximum conditioning and UVA/UVB protection from the sun.  They are quick-drying and Three Free (toluene, formaldahyde and DBP free)!

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