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Monday, November 26, 2012

Why Do I Have Nail Ridges?

I have heard this question from more clients than I can count!  
But what I need to know is...
What type of ridges do you have? Horizontal or Vertical?

Artwork by Dawn Loberg, from "The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails"

Vertical Nail Ridges
     Vertical nail ridges are the most common type of nail ridges.  They are like a fingerprint for your nail, one that amplifies with age.  As we get older, they can become more pronounced due to everyday abuse; repeated blows, beating and battering of the fingertips and fingernails.  Vertical ridges also become more pronounced when the finger is injured from catching them in drawers and doors. 

     But injury and repeated abuse is not the only cause of increased ridges.  Vertical nail ridges also become more pronounced as we age, due to lack of moisture in the nail.  As we age, our skin slows in the production of sebum, which hydrates our nails naturally.  Depending on the individual, this natural process will dry out the nail.  The nails becomes seemingly harder and the ridges become more pronounced, but they can also become more brittle and prone to breaking.  Applying a cuticle oil, like Bella10 CutiOil, daily can help with rehydrating the natural nails.  Bella10 CutiOil has natural oils high in Linoleic acid which softens and conditions the nails to be more flexible.   Bella10 CutiOil also has Macadamia Nut and Jojoba Oil to mimic the skin's sebum which has been lost through the years.  I have seen some amazing results when used as a regular daily routine.  Nails have become less ridged, more flexible and have less peeling and breakage.

Horizontal Nail Ridges
     Horizontal nail ridges are less common and can be due to a multitude of reasons.  Most often, they are due to infection and injury.  Of course it is important to see a doctor when such an injury or infection occurs, especially in the area of the nail matrix, the area around the moon of your nail and below the cuticle.  This type of injury or infection can cause permanent horizontal nail ridges and waves, although this usually only happens on one or more fingers.  When the ridges are on all the nails, it is usually a systemic nail disorder and you will want to consult a doctor. The most common type of systemic nail ridges can be the caused of by, but are not limited to:
1.       Nail Pitting, most commonly from Psoriasis
2.      Beau’s Lines, which can be a sign of a zinc deficiency or something more serious like uncontrolled diabetes, etc. 

     If you are unsure on what exactly is causing the condition, see a doctor.  And for more information on nail conditions you should never ignore, including Nail Pitting and Beau’s Lines, check out the slide show by Mayo Clinic “7 Fingernail Problems Not to Ignore”.  

 For more information on natural nail care, Get the Book,
"The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails" by veteran natural nail expert, Alicia Lyons

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