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Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Nail Clipper Ever!

Are all nail clippers created equal?  I’ve had proof that they are not!!!  I recently received a nail clipper from Zamberg and it was amazing!
TopInox® Stainless Steel Ergonomic Nail Clipper in Matte Finish
TopInox® Stainless Steel Ergonomic Nail Clipper in Matte Finish
We’ve all used them and we have all had a favorite but until now, I realized that my favorites have been replaced by one VERY exceptional nail clipper.  What makes one nail clipper any better than the other, you ask?  In a word, “PRECISION”!
Precision Cutting Blades

I’ve been doing nails a very long time and used many different brands of nail clippers throughout my 30+ years.  None of the nail clippers I’ve used have ever come close to the TopInox® Stainless Steel Nail Clipper from Zamberg!  Most nail clippers , when clipping the nail, will create shattered areas in the tip of the nail.  The duller the blade the more you need to soak the nail beforehand to prevent this from happening.  But invariably, it does happen.  This can cause the nails to peel, a common problem for most people.  I found that the cutting action of this clipper to be superior to any of the other top name brands I have ever used.  The more precision the cutting edge, the less likely it is that your nails will shatter and peel.  One other nice feature of this nail clipper is it's ergonomic design.  It fits so beautifully between your thumb and forefinger (and middle finger, if you are like me).  It is so comfortable and smooth to use.  You can feel the weight of it at your fingertips and the smooth action of the hinge and cutting edge.  I have never felt it's equal!
Look How Ergonomic It Is!!
I won’t mislead you by telling you this nail clipper is cheap, it’s not your typical drug store nail clipper nor is it your typical beauty supply nail clipper.  It’s not cheaply made either!  Your initial purchase price will give you VALUE for your dollar.  This nail clipper is built to last!  I won’t need to purchase another one for a very, Very, VERY long time! 

Okay, so I lied!  
I want to purchase it's larger sibling for toenails!
It's that good! 


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